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Welcome, we're glad your here!

This is a new thing for us, and a bit intimidating. We are two introverted people that feel safest in our comfort zone, but we've decided to stretch ourselves for Jesus. Did we decide that? Probably not. God creates every path we go thru, even when we think we are not ready. I'm glad you are along for this journey in faith with us.

This recent past has been unusual. Right? After thinking about what we could do together to learn more about our faith, we felt inspired by the Holy Spirit to start this blog. We want to share our faith, learn more about faith, inspire others to have faith, and hopefully lead someone to faith - in Jesus.

Not only do we want to speak of faith, but we also want to break down some of the "biblical words" that often stop people from going further. I remember a time when I was younger when I had a hard time getting past the language of being a Christian. It sounded so strange to me and made me take a step or two backwards. Now I find myself wanting to look further into the meaning of words like "redemption" and know if there is a way I could help reach past that "language" barrier.

My husband, Keith, and I enjoy making things. Keith loves to do woodworking and really enjoys scroll work with his scroll saw. I love to create by painting, sewing, and decorating. And together we want to use these gifts to make things to remind people of the love Jesus has for us. As we build our blog and business we hope you'll find something that you love in our shop.