About Us

We are Keith and Brenda Hill, and have been married for over 30 years. We have been attending St. John's Lutheran Church, in Adrian Michigan for over two years now. We love our church, our Pastor, and the friends we have made there. We try to be active in church and enjoy learning everything we can about God.

We aren't perfect by any means. And our life hasn't been perfect. But we are here. Amid the happiest of times, we have also survived the results of a painful divorce with children, multiple military moves, the loss of our 3-month old son, learning to grieve, a bone marrow transplant, separation from family, a child with ADHD, a year long separation due to military deployment, financial struggles, alcoholism, military retirement after 20 years, marital communication struggles, trust in each other. All of that in the first twenty years of marriage. Real life isn't easy.

We haven't always made Christ a part of our lives. For most of it, we didn't think about how God played a part in our lives. God wasn't central or even secondary. We hadn't attended church, or looked for one. I had grown up in church as my parents were very active in our church in California. I knew I loved God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. But I was still so far from where I needed to be. Keith thought that everyone who went to church was hypocritical . Between us, we had a lot to work on. Where would we begin?

Keith retired from the military, and we eventually settled down in Michigan to be near family. We worked hard at our jobs, raised our kids, survived a crisis or two, and created a simple life. But as life was getting better, and we were getting back on our feet, we decided that God very much needed to be a part of it. When I think back to how we managed without God being core to our lives, I often think we were missing so much. We've been thru some very trying times in the past 30 years. But God was always there. Waiting, watching, guiding us to this very place.

It is our hope that we can grow together, with you, in this walk of faith as we share the grace God gives us. We don't know everything there is to know, but we are willing to do the research. I want to make it easier to understand the words that might stop us in our tracks, to learn about God's freely given grace, and the sacrifice Jesus made so that we can be forgiven and live eternally with Him.

If this site helps even one person find Jesus, it will be so worth it.

Please join us as we are inspired to Share HIS Grace.