Unto Us A Son Is Given

This time that we have been blessed with is for celebrating the birth of the Savior who is Christ Jesus!

The older we get the wiser we get. Am I right?  We learn differences in people, places, opinions, and so much more.  And we grab hold of what means the most to us.  It doesn't always mean it's true, honest, or...wise?

This Christmas season I find myself reflecting on memories, people who are no longer with us, old traditions and new traditions, but most of all - what it must have been like for young Mary to give birth to the baby that would change the world.

We can decorate, sing traditional carols, make goodies and food that we typically do only this time of year, but do we stop to consider the impact this holiday reminds us about?  It's more than a mere birthday.  It is the beginning of hope, lessons to be learned, examples to be shown, a perfect human, God in person.

What must have been going thru Mary and Joseph's minds as they traveled?  Here is a baby, yet to be born, that must be saved.  A young faithful girl who needed care, and a perplexed husband given this amazing family to protect, to save the world!  And yet they experience their joy, not in comfortable surroundings, but in the stable of a relative.  The Prince of Peace wasn't born like a King.  Jesus came into this world in a simple, humble way. He was a baby.  An adorable, innocent baby that made gurgles, slept a lot, smiled in his sleep, and needed love and attention like any other baby.  

We don't really know how long Joseph and Mary had to enjoy their new baby before visitors would find them.  How amazing it must have been for them to be visited by those led by a star!  From shepherds to Kings!  

I ask that we take time this year to reflect on what is most important, that God is in control and has been all along.  And I ask that we remain vigilant in prayer and faith, as we celebrate the remembrance of the birth of Christ.

Thank you Lord for all of your blessings!


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